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Sri Durga Temple

Sri Durga temple is Australia’s biggest Durga Mata temple situated in lush green surroundings and is 30 minutes drive from city centre. It  is a friendly place for religious and social meets.

We welcome devotees without any distinction of cast and creed. The organisation is an incorporated entity  run by elected management team. More than 200 live members.

Our Mission

1. To encourage and foster the co-development of religious, cultural and community service

2. To undertake charitable welfare work such as food to the needy, clothing, medicine etc.

3. To associate with similar mission organizations for the execution of charitable tasks.

4. To organize events for mythological discussions, Vedic education, meditation and chanting.

5. To help coordinate national and international pilgrimages for the needy.

6. To provide the special facilities to meet the needs of senior citizens of the community of Indian origin.

Our Purpose

1. To establish, develop and maintain a temple cum community center/centers in Melbourne or its suburbs.

2. To carry our activities in such centers befitting the mission of the association.

3. To co-ordinate donations and all help from similar organizations so that the centers are developed with the express purpose of carrying out the association’s mission.

4. To establish such facilities and to do all such other lawful activities as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the purpose of the organization.

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Management Committee


   President : Mr Kulwant Joshi

General administration, site services , co-ordination with other

organisations, profile uplift

Email: president@sridurgatemple.com

Vice president : Mr Gurpreet Verma

Public contact , transport services for members/public

Email: vicepresident@sridurgatemple.com



Treasurer  : Mr. Ramesh Vazirani

Traffic management and site emergency services, co-ordination with government organisations.

Email: treasurer@sridurgatemple.com

Secretary : Mr. Hari Julka

Asset protection, asset development , technical  and all sub-committee co-ordination and company profile enhancement.

Email: secretary@sridurgatemple.com



Mr. Rajinder Sharma – Email: cm1@sridurgatemple.com

Mr. Pradeep Mehdiratta – Email: cm2@sridurgatemple.com

Mr. Rishi Prabhakar – Email: cm3@sridurgatemple.com

Mr. Surinder Marwaha – Email: cm4@sridurgatemple.com

Mr. Ajay Joshi – Email: cm5@sridurgatemple.com

Mr. Neeraj Kalia – Email: cm6@sridurgatemple.com

Mr. Lokesh Sharma – Email: cm7@sridurgatemple.com



Volunteer group leaders:

Technical committee –  Chairman Sh. Sunil Bhalla —  development of assets.

Ram Lila group

Festivities group

Religious lectures group

Bhajan Kirtan group


You are also invited to join our groups. Your qualifications and experience shall help us grow.

Building Plan

Our Charitable Activities

1. Blood Donation Camps for Red Cross

2. Free Yoga Classes twice a week at Temple

3. Donation of  A$5100 to Nepal Earthquake Victims via OXFAM

4. Help and support to Indian students in dire situations

5. Free Food Donations to second Bites and refugee Camps.

6. Supporting Local schools by giving grants to promote leadership.

7. Free Hindi Classes at Temple

Contact Us

President: 0423 456 997

Secretary: 0412 914 548

Treasurer: 0430 224 786

Temple email

Visit Us

Sri Durga Arts/Cultural and Educational Centre (Inc)

705-715 Neale Road, Rockbank, 3335,

Victoria, Melbourne, Australia